From the President

Since 1982, Comprompter has been designing electronic newsroom software expressly for Radio and Television professionals ... people who must gather information and prepare it for broadcast, meeting precise daily deadlines ... all with limited staff and budget.

·         In short people like you.


Based on 20 years of actual broadcast experience and the last 27 of designing and installing newsroom systems, we've invited and encouraged customer feedback and suggestions.  We've evaluated - and re-evaluated - your newsroom needs.  We’ve taken your input and applied our technical expertise and imagination to making our software meet your unique needs.  We feel NewsKing does that - and more.


Comprompter has been in the newsroom software business, and under the same management, for 27 years - that’s longer than any other newsroom company in the industry. 


Buy, Rent or Lease NewsKing

NewsKing can be rented or purchased on a term or cash basis and offers more bang for the buck than anyone. So when you are considering the replacement for your newsroom system, let us guarantee you the best pricing … plus offer you the finest newsroom system on the market today.


NewsKing Newsroom + NewsCast Automation

Besides the normal newsroom functions one expects these days, NewsKing also offers fully integrated automation for your news presentations (still/cg/captioning/digital video playback, video streaming, etc.).  Save staff time and money, plus get a better news presentation with NewsKing automation.

Don’t waste your money on an expensive third party automation system that brings little else to the dance.


Satisfaction is Our Specialty

Our specialty is complete hardware/software system support after the sale.  We become part of your team … you’ll never be told that your problem is not our problem; We have a live voice answering our phones 24 hours a day (you’ll never get voice mail) and you’ll get personal attention because we’ll know who you are (and actually give a damn!).


Consider NewsKing ENR the most viable alternative if your current newsroom company is:


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Ralph King


Comprompter News and Automation