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Submitted by Ralph King, on behalf of Comprompter News and Automation

1.      Why is NewsKing NEXT Automation functions better than others

Integration. Prior to designing my first newsroom in 1982, I'd spent 20 years in television - starting in Production and moving through Directing news for 5 Years; Producing for 7; Taught Sociology and TV at Mankato State University for 4 years while serving a TV Consultant to the Minnesota Higher Education Coordinating Committee; 3 years as Production Manager for an Advertising Agency; and finally, 10 years as Director of TV Operations. This is my 24th year with Comprompter.  While this sounds more like a resume ... it is to make my point that NewsKing represents the culmination of 40+ years of on-line Television production experience. NewsKing is designed to be functional in the practical, and logical sort of way.

NewsKing provides more functionality than nearly any other newsroom system. From the standard newsroom functions to controlling its' own internal automation from captioning, CG's and Stills to Full Tapeless Newsrooms; Web-posting of newscast Text and Video to your website nearly 98% automatically; and includes powerful, yet easy to use, Election and Closings modules. This integration of broadcasting experience and newsroom design make Comprompter one of the most solid newsroom choices.

2.      Why NewsKing NEXT Automation is more efficient
Integration. NewsKing is based on standard Microsoft world-wide technology: Microsoft Windows operating systems, Microsoft SQL as the core database, and Microsoft WORD as the Word processor. No one else combines that kind of powerhouse baseline software.  NewsKing takes advantages of these modules and provides custom newsroom objects so that a script looks like a TV script instead of like a scratch-pad box.

We use Script-based automation so that visual elements like supers, stills, camera and videos are put into sequential order during the Preparation stage. Regardless of where this script ends up n the order, it will always present the proper elements at the proper time within each script and in the show. No one has to build a separate Presentation Order because NewsKing uses the Producers Rundown from start to finish to automatically prepare the elements and keep them in script order - every time.

The unique internal integration of the Preparation and Presentation stages of a newscast provides your staff with more time to work on making each story better.

3.      Why NewsKing NEXT Automation “after the sale” service is superior
Integration. Comprompter is probably the oldest continuous newsroom company still in existence and still servicing our client base some 23 years later.

- We do not have a sales staff. Once we sell, we become trainers, and after the installation, we become Support Technicians.

- We don't have overseas coders.  Our Programmers are here in our offices in La Crosse, Wisconsin, USA. When our sales/trainers/support people get stumped, the programmers jump on the line to help.

- You will know our names and we will know yours.

- We have no voice mail. Our phones are answered LIVE 24 hours a day, seven days a week ... and after hours, we have a 15 minute call-back policy that we are serious about keeping. Everyone of our staff has a cell phone so that we can be reached at all times - nights, weekends and holidays.

Our staff is tightly integrated to every business process, to every product and to every client.

4.      Why NewsKing NEXT Automation is more cost effective
Integration. NewsKing is more cost-efficient for a number of reasons: We are located in the mid-west. We pay mid-west wages and we charge mid-west prices; NewsKing is built and on a standardized set of core technology - Microsoft - we simply build upon that foundation; We use a single Show Rundown to build and present the newscast; NewsKing does it's own automation, we don't require a third-party automation company or software (like ParkerVision, Sundance or Proximity); We don't require you to follow the MOS protocol and all the extra "middleware" you must purchase separately to get the newsroom and related devices to communicate, track and display the input and output.

    - Integrated Automation means you don't have to pay us thousands of dollars for the Newsroom capability, then pay an automation company thousands more for it's software and special controller hardware ... and maybe even a third company thousands of dollars for their "special integration" software. (In a typical MOS installation you could well face this situation!)

    - You only pay us once for the Newsroom and once for the automation you want. NewsKing does not use, and does not want Middlemen or Middleware to slow us down and cost 3 - 4 times more!

NewsKing Integrated Automation talks directly to each device in whatever protocol that works best, we display the devices contents as well as the Show Order in which the specified elements will appear within each script and in relationship to the rest of the show. A NewsKing Producer makes a change and that change is reflected on each affected device within 3 seconds.